A little introduction

Hey there, my name is Morgan and welcome to my first blog! I’m amateur writer with the aspiration of making writing my profession. But, I really enjoy writing fiction especially short stories, which is the whole reason I wanted to be a writer. I enjoy creating interesting and flawed characters, and discovering their different layers to why they act a certain, like a snobbish jerk or a goody-two shoes. And maybe, dare I say, leave a some thought provoking thing for my reader? Hopefully, but that’s all on a good day. All that aside and maybe to my embarrassment, my prose is kind of bad. There isn’t that “wow this is great!” in it like my fiction, so I figured why not start a blog to work on that?

Alright, now that is off my chest I should probably tell you the theme, I guess, of my little blog. I do enjoy analyzing or looking for a deeper meaning pretty much in anything, but in this case music. It’s exciting to discover that profound element in a song, which makes it more worth listening to. That may sound boring, but for an ex-English major, I live off of finding deep stuff.

Anyway, with this blog I want to analyze songs, specifically pop songs since that is what I listen to mostly. My method will be only focusing on the lyrics and the music video, if there is one. Of course, the writer of the song has a particular meaning in mind, but I want to find out significance of the song outside of its creator. Also, this blog is not limited pop music. I’m up for looking into any type of music or even video games since I spend half the day playing or watching them, thanks to my older brothers. I blame them for making me an obsessed gamer girl.

So, I am nervously excited about starting this blog and reading people’s comments about my opinion. If you are interested in my future posts, then make sure to follow me. And finally, thanks for taking time to read this little introduction. It is much appreciated dear reader.

P.S. I know I am not a music expert. So if I incorrectly use or leave out a musical term, then correct me through the comments. Thanks again!


Reaction to Nana

Every once in a while, like clockwork, I get into a romantic mood and nothing will satisfy it but a super-cutesy movie or anime binge. Then I am free from the cycle until the next time. Oh well…it’s the life of a hopeless romantic. Anyway, this time I stumbled upon the anime, Nana. The little bio made it seem interesting due to its “mature” portrayals of love, so I had to watch it.


It took me a while to adjust to the art style; I mean I’ve never seen such beautiful people in an anime. But it was worth it!

Nana tells the story of two young women who are both named Nana, are twenty years old, and are moving to Toyoko to pursue their very dreams. Yeah, I know it’s doesn’t sound interesting, but it really is. It’s not your typical cutesy anime where the boy likes the girl, and they go through this clumsy, yet adorable dance of courtship (minus any real substance). Nana develops its main characters (Nana and Nana) pretty well through their friendship and other relationships, and even its side characters have a good dose of character development. Plus their mistakes in relationships and their dreams change them. They don’t stay the same; they’re realistic, which is why I dig this anime. Also, their love life, Nana and Nana or Hachi (a nickname), isn’t the center of their lives, which is unorthodox to the romantic genre. Nana pursues her love of singing to become a punk rockstar, while Hachi chases after her dream of being a bride and housewife. They are more than their romantic attachments; they’re real people .

nana and nana

A contrasting picture of both girls. It’s crazy that they become so close; opposites attract like they say.

Nana is like a breath of fresh air after watching so many mind-numbing romances. I know it’s repetitive, but this series is one of the best romance animes! I even got my friend who only watches fighting anime sucked into this lovely series. Now how about that!

Just a Thought about…Life is Strange: Before the Storm

After watching the three seasons of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, I felt “meh” at the end. When the announcement came out in the summer, I was so excited about learning about “before the storm” Chloe and her relationship with Rachael. But—it fell flat. Honestly, I feel the whole game is unnecessary. It doesn’t add anything, except Chloe’s and Rachael’s relationship plus Chloe’s grieving over her late father. Yet, Chloe’s and Rachael’s relationship development is okay. Sure, Chloe falls in love with her because Rachael took up time with her after Max left. Not to mention Rachael kind of fills the big gaping hole in Chloe’s life after her father’s death. And sure, they share the desire of wanting to escape, their messed-up parents, and yada yada. But the execution was lacking. There isn’t that spark that made me want to root for them. They just got together just to get together.

life is strange

Just…their whole relationship bugged me. So uninteresting and too convenient.

Then Rachael’s story was boring. I just didn’t care about whose mother is who. Though I thought that indifference comes from my dislike for Rachael. She reminded of Chloe in the original Life is Strange. Wild, self-centered, manipulative, and so on. I mean, I do like Chloe in the original, but I really dislike when she guilt-trips Max into doing something illegal; instead, this time it’s Rachael. Rachael the super popular girl who everyone loves and plays hooky, has mood swings, sets a forest on fire, ruins a family dinner, and the list goes on. I just…I really don’t like her. Overall the game is so dull compared to its predecessor. I missed feeling all of the emotions like when Kate Marsh was on the roof ready to commit suicide, or the attachment to characters like Max who I can relate to her quiet and unconfident demeanor. But Before the Storm was such a let-down.

giphy (18)

At the end of the day Before the Storm was one word: boring. I hoped for so much as I think back to the original Life is Strange.

Legend of Zelda: OoL’s Link and Saria

I have been waiting to write this post because it is on one of my favorite childhood games! Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time definitely holds tons of memories for me. I still remember my brother rented it from a Blockbuster (does anyone remember those?) and watching him play it. It was a new experience for me because I never saw a Zelda game before, let alone anything 3D. I enjoyed its zany and rememberable characters, and of course the adventure. When I did play it, I felt that I was going on my personal quest to save the land of Hyrule and the princess. And over time it created a special place in my gamer heart.

Alright, this post is going to be focused on Link’s and Saria’s relationship. And no, I am not one of those people who “ship” them together. (Link is all for me!) This post has a similar theme to “Savannah” by Relient K; I’ll analyze two people’s relationship and how it changes over time. Destiny, I believe, separates them from childhood preventing them from developing their friendship, and changes their relationship into a distant one into adulthood.

Link’s destiny begins to separate him from others, especially Saria, during his childhood, which causes him to be an outsider. From the get-go, it is obvious that Link and Saria are close friends. At the start, she is the first one to greet Link and congratulate him on finally getting a fairy companion. No one else seemed to really care except her. I guess they were busy doing their own things. But the villagers are kind of indifferent because Link is not close to them. Sure, they say something when they are spoken to, yet they’re not like Saria who initiates action. But hey, it doesn’t matter because they’re going to forget him anyway. Why? ‘Cause he has to save the world from danger. I mean, who needs friends anyway? They’re so overrated.


I’m sure they had plenty of times like this, just hanging out. It makes their relationship even sweeter. 

Aside from that, a very ornery Kokiri, Mido, adds to Link’s outsider’s status. Mido or The Great Mido (such a lame name), as he calls himself is an antagonist to Link. In the beginning he forbids Link from visiting the Great Deku because our hero doesn’t have a sword and shield. So he has to run around town and get one of each. At one point he also spreads some nasty rumors about Link, and of course Saria defends Link’s honor. Just, Mido is a jerk. It’s like, “Dude get a life!” When I was younger I never understood what was his beef with Link. But I think it boils down to two things: Link’s friendship with Saria and his unique destiny. Alright, throughout the game it is implied that Mido has a one-sided crush on Saria. And Link being “Saria’s favorite” doesn’t help the situation. Plus, the Great Deku Tree, who is like a guardian to the Kokiri, favors Link because he is the chosen one to save the land. So, basically this dude is mad jealous. I mean, he is a kid, but he still gets on my nerves with his “the Great Mido” junk. Despite being an outsider for whichever reason it is predestined. It’s like labeling Link for something greater, although some make it difficult for him.


Poor Link being sandwiched between a rock and a hard place.

Yet, Saria tries to preserve their relationship by giving a special memento to Link. Before Link departs for Hyrule Saria stops him to wish him farewell. She mentions that she always knew that he wasn’t a Kokiri and would leave one day. But she gives him an ocarina as a keepsake. Obviously, this ocarina has great significance. For one Saria is known for playing ocarina. Literally everyone talks about it at one point. And she even has a song named after her. Anyway the point is music is important to her; the ocarina represents a piece of her heart due to her love of music. Think of it like this: a close friend of yours is moving away due a better paying job. Of course, you don’t want the relationship to end; still there is nothing to save it. They need that job. So you sacrifice something super important like a silly photo of the two of you to remind them of the happy memories and your time together. Basically, you don’t want them to forget you because your relationship has a lot of value. Even though it hurts, you let them go because you know it’s for the best.


As a child I didn’t appreciate the bridge scene because Saria was an icky girl who had a crush on Link. But now it is a pretty sad scene, two friends who are torn apart because of stupid destiny.

Still Saria’s and Link’s relationship becomes distant due to their unfortunate destinies. One of the saddest scene is their reunion during Link’s adulthood. Once Link defeats the evil spirit in the Forest Temple, he is warped to the Chamber of the Sages. There, he is greeted by Saria who is fully aware of her newfound “sageness”, which she explains to Link. Also she says that it is their destiny not to live in the same world. Dude, that sucks! After all of the memories and times these two spent together, destiny is like, “Welp, he won’t be needing that relationship anymore.” Then it tosses it into the endless dark abyss. And after Saria’s attempt (her lowly ocarina) to preserve the relationship, it still crumbles. Yet she seems okay with it. Like your best friend going off to save an entire kingdom, and you, on the other hand, become a mystical sage to aid them is such an everyday occurrence. Yeah right! Her glazed over expression and overall reaction seem unnatural. I think most people would be cheesed off if they had no choice but to lose their best friend forever. Still maybe she is masking her real emotions, so he can focus on his mission. If so, Saria is very self-sacrificing. She does everything in her power to help her close friend.

Anyway, after the encounter someone (I never figured it out) says, “Saria will always be your friend.” But it’s not true. They won’t be able to see each other, talk, hang out, or whatever. Her sole purpose now is to aid him to destroy Ganondorf/Gannon. Then after that she just hangs around with the other sages doing whatever sages do. It’s really sad. I mean, in the long run, it’s great because Link will save the world. But it is at the cost of someone special to him.


Oh, how I wish their reunion was more heartfelt like the picture above! But it was very bland in the game. Oh well, you can’t have everything you want, I guess. 

Reaction to Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator

Closure…I finally have closure for this series. After five games of open-ended questions and theories, a bunch of explained/unexplained animatronics (cough cough…Shadow Bonnie), tons of deaths, and one unanswered what’s in the box (yes, I haven’t forgotten about the box in FNAF 4), there is an end. I honestly didn’t even know there would be a FNAF 6, oh I mean, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator (come on, it’s just the sixth game). A friend told me about it, and I didn’t give a flying fig about it. I stopped caring after FNAF 3, which I still think it should have ended there. But no.

There had to be an excess of games and books that didn’t really explain the overall mystery of the five dead children who haunted five nasty robot animals. But of course a video wound up in my YouTube recommended feed, and I figured why not. As of right, all of the pieces don’t quite fit together like the secrets of the mini-games or who in the world is Cassette Guy, and they relate back to the main story. But I’m okay with that. I’m just glad I can finally close this gaming chapter in my life, after three years of vague explanations and unanswered questions. Oh, until Scott makes another one. Just kidding…(or not.)

The Return of the Lyrics Girl!

Hey guys, I’m back from my much needed break! 😀 Alright, I decided to post every three weeks. The first week would be a reaction, second an analysis of a video game or song (each month will alternate the topic), and third would be “Just a Thought”. I hope this new schedule will help me stay organized (fingers crossed). But if there are any other changes, I’ll let you guys know. Okay until next time!

Quick Update

Yo! I just wanted to give you guys a quick update about the blog. I figured I really need a break to plan out the schedule and other things. But I will be return in January with some cool, new stuff. Anyway thanks again and happy holidays and all that jazz! 😀

Just a Thought about…Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Not gonna lie, I was doubtful at first. My mom told me in November that Nintendo was planning to launch an Animal Crossing game for the phone. And as she told me this I could only remember the newer games of AC. They were such a disappointment. So I haven’t played an Animal Crossing game in years, but my friend suggested I give it a try. I did, which I surprisingly don’t regret.


Got my cute little villager standing by her vintage camper.

For the most part, it’s pretty much the same as any Animal Crossing game. There is the customization aspect, which I love about AC, with your avatar, campsite, and camper, doing endless favors, and shooting the breeze the animal folk. (I never thought I would miss their gibberish talk so much, but I do!) Honestly, I do enjoy the game because it focuses on an AC’s strength, you know, the customization element. And thank goodness it is an option to go into debt. I got tired of always winding up in debt at the start. (Villager, why don’t you have better planning skills? >_<;;;)


I do enjoy the cutscenes with the animals doing campy stuff. I don’t why but it feels rewarding to hang out with the animal folk. 

Still I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll put it down, but I don’t regret playing it. It’s fun, and dare I say I felt nostalgia. I kept thinking about the good old days pulling out Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, and playing for hours and hours without a hint of boredom. The only thing is I HOPE Nintendo puts a new and improved Animal Crossing on the Switch. Please Nintendo I’m begging ya! D:

What is Just a Thought?

I figured I should give a little explanation of this section of the blog. One day I got an idea to make a mini-section just for a quick opinion here and there. Nothing too deep like the main posts. It does a while to write the main posts, so I wanted somewhere that I can write about things within the same day. Anyway that is the gist of Just a Thought. 😀

Reaction to The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

For November, the leader of my book club chose The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend for us to read, and judging by the cover I figured it would be a fun read but…I was wrong. By like 85%. With this book it was a like/dislike relationship. I did enjoy the characters like Sara who reminded me of myself, Grace, George (the best character of all time), Caroline, and etc. Otherwise there wasn’t much else. Three things that did bother me were Sara’s character, the romance of between Sara and Tom, and its predictability. Don’t get me wrong, I really did like Sara’s bookish and awkward side because I thought of myself and the cringy moments I sometimes have when interacting with people. But I don’t think it was so believable that she changed so quickly. I just had terrible believing someone who was mad awkward, introverted, and insecure could turn into the strength that holds the town together. It just didn’t work for me.

Then the romance. At first, I was down for it when Sara started to like Tom because I LOVE romance. On multiple occasions I tolerated an awful series or movie just to see if the pair I wanted to get together actually got together. It is a curse sometimes! Anyway, after awhile I wondered to myself, why does Sara actually like this dude? Sure, he’s cute but there wasn’t much else in my opinion. Their romance seemed to happen because it NEEDED to. The main heroine needed a man so Tom took that place. End of story. And I honestly wanted Sara and George to get together. From the start it seemed like they would hook up because he gave her rides. And they bonded over that one book (I forget). But no. Dumb Tom got with her.


my feelings about Sara and Tom wrapped into one word.

Finally when I was reading through this book I predicted most of the major events like Sara opening the book store and uniting the whole town. I know this book is a “feel good” book, but I wanted a bit of mystery while reading. Otherwise I get bored because why read something when you know what is going to happen? The best description I came up for The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a Hallmark book. It’s very fluffy, very predictable, and cheesy. Anyway, it’s not a bad book; it’s not a book for me.


I was disappointed with this book because I figured it would up my alley. Oh well..

Relient K’s “Savannah”

During the latter half of my college years, I thought to myself, I need to expand my horizon with something more than One Direction. Through clicking on random YouTube video after YouTube Video I stumbled onto “Sadie Hawking Dance” by Relient K. I gave it a shot, not expecting much. (The hipster inside me was triggered.) But “Sadie Hawking Dance” reminded me of my high school days with all its awkwardness and lighthearted moments. And I fell in love. Soon enough Relient K became one of my favorites.

So for this post I’m going to talk about one of my favorite songs by them, “Savannah”, and its lyrics. I remember I listened to it so much that my roommate would groan whenever it played on my phone. Its upbeat tone always brightens my mood. (After doing these blogs I realize I am a sucker for anything cheery.) Not to mention it sounds great! Anyway, I think this song goes along with the upcoming holiday, you know, family and friends coming back together for Thanksgiving. People have changed, for the better or worse, and everyone is nervous if they will get along. And those feelings, the anxiety, fear, and hope of coming back together, are one of the themes of “Savannah”. The narrator is nervous if he and his girlfriend, Savannah, will connect after a long time without contact; however, they reconnect due to their love and commitment to each other.

From the beginning, the narrator introduces his excitement about seeing his girlfriend, but fear is also present. In the first verse, the narrator reveals some of his background. He’s a native from Georgia, has a girlfriend there, and has been away from his home and girl. As the sun begins to pour its light into the sky, he feels hopeful about seeing her again. He says:

Yet I know you’ll be there cause you’ll know I’ll want you to be there

And we’ll say hello as you’re smiling in love

And we’ll sigh so relieved I believe…

A picture of Savannah Georgia’s riverfront at sunrise (thanks to the courtesy of the Internet).

Yes, he is hopeful that everything will work itself out naturally. The music at this point gives off a hopeful and excited mood with its upbeat and quick pace about the reunion. His imagination plays out for him a wonderful scene. He returns to Georgia and is greeted by his smiling girlfriend. And when they finally see each other, the worry melts from them. But his realistic and worried side cuts off that fantasy. He continues to say:

Because we will both know by tonight we’ll feel normal again

But not until then…

The pace of music during these lines drags compared to earlier. The mood is now somber. Also the singer’s voice also becomes slow, distant, and even sad, which adds to the sudden change in mood. These two things also reflect the narrator’s feelings. I’m thinking he doesn’t want to get his hopes up. If he allows himself to become seduced by a fantasy, then he might become disappointed with the reality. Plus he feels unsure about their reunion. What if Savannah isn’t happy to see him and indifferent to his arrival, or she’s not looking exactly perfectly like he imagined? Oh the things that can go wrong. But he doesn’t allow himself to be stuck on the awful possibilities. He continues his trip regardless of his worries and pictures the good possibilities in the next verse.

The narrator also overcomes his anxiety by reminding himself of how much Savannah means to him. He confesses:

I spent my life wondering

Wondering when I’d find you

I searched for all these years and now you’re right here…

According the narrator, it has been a struggle to find true love. He has looked high and low, wondering if there would be a special someone for him. But after so long he finds her. I think that his search for Savannah makes her more special to him.


I just feel so warm and fuzzy thinking about how much he loves his girl. It’s so cute! 

For example, everyone has lost something important to them. Maybe a card from a friend, a book, or whatever. Usually everyone experiences a set of emotions when they lose important something. A stubborn determination sets in. We think, “Now, I know I put it in my bedroom drawer after I got off the phone.” So we look in the obvious places but—nothing. Panic strikes. We begin to think of the worst scenarios of where our prized procession is.

Was it left on the bus with that creepy guy or in a friend’s car who lives a thousand miles away? Then something pokes out from underneath the covers and guess what it is? The thing! Relief sets in, and we promise we won’t lose it again, of course, until the next time. But in that moment, we value our possession so much like it’s the last one on earth. How would we live without it? I think the narrator has similar feelings for Savannah. He knows the loneliness without a special someone. So he values his current girlfriend even more due to his past loneliness.

The narrator also uses these feelings to stifle his fears. It’s good strategy to be honest. Instead focusing on fear, he remembers how important she is because he says, “I need you to know that/ Everything makes sense when you’re with me”. The narrator focuses on his need and want for Savannah, which shuts out his fear. Say, someone just broke up with his girlfriend. He remembers the little things about her like how she would cut off the crusts of his sandwiches. In a few words he mopes around. BUT, if he starts to do stuff like volunteering or taking artsy classes, then the misery drifts away. It’s the same case with the narrator. His anxious feelings are pushed away and replaced by his want and need for Savannah.

The last (and most powerful) verse concludes with the long-awaited reunion of the narrator and his girlfriend; despite the fear and worry they reconnect due to their commitment to each other. That moment is described as a “sultry evening” as the sea winds play with Savannah’s hair. Here, the music is quiet giving a mysterious and intimate mood. It’s like stepping in on a love confession. Somehow the two don’t notice you. So you stay and watch something mega cute because who would miss something so adorable?


I literally would be in the bushes like a creeper watching and quietly praying, “Please get together! Please get together!”

Then, she holds his hand like it is the first time. Her loving gesture is, in a way, acceptance. She doesn’t back away in disgust because he may seem a little different; instead, she accepts him, changes and all. And he says, “[a]nd all the feelings that our hearts find/ Will be just what we expect”. Regardless of all the worrying, they still feel the same way about each other. Why? Because of their relationship. Their narrator’s and Savannah’s relationship had a firm foundation before the distance. They built it on trust, commitment, and love to each other, especially commitment. It is easy to lose the lovely-dovely feelings when a person’s special someone isn’t around for a period of time. There are those moments of loneliness and fear that they won’t return. Not to mention there is always Shady Sam who is persistent with their advances. However if that person has a strong sense of commitment to their special someone, then they shouldn’t fall into these traps. They will remain strong. And that is, I believe, how Savannah and the narrator can reconnect to one another.